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Thu Aug 14 14:11:41 PDT 1997

As for me, I started a Viking Age Finn.  But I was a shy, retiring,
never-say-anything introvert in those days.  Instead of changing my persona
as I grew up, my persona changed *me*.  Over the years I became more and
more like Gunnora, and lost the shyness, fear of speaking in public, gained
the ability to talk above a whisper, etc.  This was mostly because when I
fist designed my persona I imagined Gunnora to be everything that I wasn't
at the time.  

Same here.  When I came to the SCA at the age of 14, it was a good thing I
did!!  I had grown up a tomboy (raised by a single dad--who did a Great
Job--yeah Daddy!!!), and was begining to realize what I'd been missing in the
way of motherly stuff.  I'd had the *important* talks with my dad's lady
friends; but I didn't know the first thing about being graceful, decorous,
ladylike, etc. and I'd never had anyone to look up to as an example of how to
be a grown-up woman.  I think this is a problem in a lot of single parent
homes.  I will say this for being raised by good-ol-dad; I've never been
afraid to talk to or make friends with men.  Unfortunately, at that age it
seemed that men were the only people I could relate to at all.  My friends at
school were all guys.  My 15th birthday party was 14 boys and me.   

After a few years in the SCA, I've changed a lot.  I still have more male
friends than female, but now I no longer feel that women are back-biting,
gossiping harpies.  I've discovered I *like* to giggle, and do my hair, and
tie up the bathroom for hours, and talk on the phone forever......  I've
learned to walk gracefully, even climb stairs in a full-length skirt!  And I
no longer wish to have been born male--I'm actually proud and happy of my

The coolest thing happened yesturday-- during a play rehearsal, as I was
playing a male character, the director stopped us and glared at me.  "Will
you stop walking like a girl?!?!?!?   And watch those hand gestures!"


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