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Stefan -

I recommend Thomas Costain's _The Conquering Family_ as
a good overview of the period.

Master Thomas of Tenby would probably be a good one
to talk to about 12th Century sources, also.

 - Galen of Bristol

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Stefan li Rous wrote:
> I'm going to get some of the Brother Cadfel(sp?) series

I have the impression that many of the attitudes there are modern,
but I can't say for sure.  You might want to get just the first few;
she slips into a formula fairly quickly.  (I have an almost-
infallible Murderer Detector.)  As well, there's a murder rate
that would probably shock London of the period, much less

> So, Daniel, do you have any book recommendations, articles etc
> for another 12th C. Anglo-Norman who would like to be a little
> bit less generic SCA and more in persona?

I'm afraid not, especially for "daily life".  I read _Henry II_
by W. L. Warren (U. Cal. Press) and fell in love with the title
character, hence my choice.  However, in that book you can learn
all about the exchecquer, struggles over the inheritance,
administrative setups, the Thomas a Becket problem ... but nothing
much about daily life of regular people.

Daniel de Lincoln
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