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Keith Duke duke at
Fri Aug 15 07:20:36 PDT 1997

Ghia asks:
: What would be the ideal modern job for an SCAer.  It would need lots of
: off for eventing, a relaxed dress code (so the men can have long hair and
: beards if they choose), good money, etc.  Any ideas?

Demographically speaking (informal but interesting populace polls) show
that the majority of the players in my barony (Northkeeep) are involved in
fairly technical fields, ie computers/electronics/electrical, drafting,
engineering, well as technical support type work. The self employed
are also present in fair numbers... including some folks who own a concrete
contracting business,  Another big chunk is public sector work -
city/county/state employees. The rest are amazingly diverse, but only

The technical fields and self employed related SCA players here usually
have (apparently) more time & more money to put towards playing. Don't ask
me for actual numbers, but this has been an on-going project that the
Hospitaler and myself have been talking about... Mainly because  we do get
a lot of "Well, what kinds of people play SCA" when we do demos.

Didn't really answer your question, but I suspect that those perfect jobs
are far and few between. Mostly because those of us with them are darned
well not getting out of them .. <VBG> 


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