ANST - authenticity vs aesthetics

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Fri Aug 15 15:53:00 PDT 1997


Aquilanne wrote...

>I've found that most negative experiences come about from interacting with
>unclear parameters, criteria, and general expectations of either entrant or
>judge, or both.

True, in varying degrees, but I have never run into a judge that didnt have
at least *1* good thing to say. (lucky?)
something like..
"work on your Documentation, but this is nice" or " try finishing this a
little better, but the technique is good" or even "you could use this period
material instead."
....are all great comments to a person trying to increase his or her talents.

I have yet to run into a Cruelheartlessauthenticitynazijudge(copyrightASXXXII)
spoken of in so many stories. THANK YOU JUDGES! Thank you for not smothering
my desire to learn and create.

The worst thing I have had to deal with is having 3-4 judges score an entry
in wildly differing ways, with wildly differing scores. That just confuses
the main issue, what is GOOD and what NEEDS WORK. 



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