ANST - Another New Question

Carl John Hess cjhess at
Fri Aug 15 17:08:10 PDT 1997

> What would be the ideal modern job for an SCAer.  It would need lots of
> off for eventing, a relaxed dress code (so the men can have long hair and
> beards if they choose), good money, etc.  Any ideas?

How about a collection agency?  You can be pretty eccentric and still be
considered a very valuable employee.  Most give lots of vacation, good pay,
and are always looking for good supervisory and/or management material (in
reference to your college degree).  You usually have to work at least 2
Saturdays a month, but even then it's only until Noon.

Just a thought.

C. Scipio the Employment Counsul  (HA!)

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