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<< What would be the ideal modern job for an SCAer.  It would need lots of
 >off for eventing, a relaxed dress code (so the men can have long hair and
 >beards if they choose), good money, etc.  Any ideas?
 >unemployed college student looking for direction,

     Or you could choose something in Education.  As you may have noticed,
the dress code is fairly relaxed, and the vacation schedule is almost ideal.
 The money might not be that great, but the research facilities are
top-notch, and the teaching can be fascinating.
     I am not a college professor, but I decided to be a public school
teacher back when I decided that I liked the summer vacation, and paid
holidays.  Working 50 weeks a year in an office on the same kind of thing for
years was not something I wanted to contemplate.  
     Anyone else got some ideas?

Lady Tyrca Ivarsdottir

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