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Aquilanne said:

Also, does anyone have a good lead on inexpensive parchment? Kate's Paperie
in NY sells it for $40 per 18 x 24 goatskin (and $9/8 x 10 sheet and $17/ 11
x 14 sheet). Is there anything available closer to home? Is there anyone in
Ansteorra actually making parchment?

One of the few people I know in the SCA making parchment on even a small
commercial scale is Master Balderik. Most of his customers are outside
the SCA, though. I'm not sure his prices are better. Making good parchment
is a Very labor intensive process. However, the quality of his parchment
from what I hear from different sources is some of the best you can get
anywhere. He also has created a very good Website on how parchment is
created and how it should be handled. This website and other comments
from him can be found in this file in the SCRIBAL ARTS section of my
Stefan's Florilegium (was the SCA Rialto Files):

parchment-msg     (59K)  4/ 7/97    Making and buying parchment. substitutes.

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