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Steven D. Patenaude jungwolf at
Sun Aug 17 00:34:39 PDT 1997

At 02:07 AM 8/17/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Aquilanne said:
>Also, does anyone have a good lead on inexpensive parchment? Kate's Paperie
>in NY sells it for $40 per 18 x 24 goatskin (and $9/8 x 10 sheet and $17/ 11
>x 14 sheet). Is there anything available closer to home? Is there anyone in
>Ansteorra actually making parchment?

A friend of mine is making parchment out of cloth lint from the laundry.  If
you are intersted, send me some email and I'll ask her about the process and
send it to you.

Er, I just looked up "parchment" in my dictionary and it specifically said
it was the skin of goat or whatever.  Still, the cloth lint paper looks very
nice and you can't get much cheaper than the lint from your laundry...

(anyone have a good reference for Norwegian names during the Viking era?
I'm new to SCA and I'd like to pick a name before I'm pegged as "that Steven


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