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Sun Aug 17 11:54:21 PDT 1997

	I am a teacher in the Kansas City School District.  I have a full,
(Although short,) beard, and my hair is long enough to fall down to the
middle of my back.
	As to pay, well, my mechanic makes far more than I do, but the
advantages of the job more than make up for that!
	1: My "hobby" is a source of intrest to my school, and I am often
in garb and carrying my "toys" around with the blessings of my Principal.
	2: I have access to every research source available on line, by
mail, and in any college.  (Hey, they even put a high powered computer on
my desk!)
	3: Much of my "hobby" is deductable, as I am using those things to
increase my effectiveness in the classroom.
	4: My students find the arts I practice facinating, and want to
get involved in them, so I can work on some projects in my calssroom.
	5:  June, July, and August.
	6: The local college has admitted that some of my work might be
used in a continuing class for my doctorate!
	7: I get to give demos for my fellow teachers!  (can we say 'time
off from work and get paid extra?')
	8: Inservice days often find me demonstrating to my fellow
district art teachers, and net me a bit of extra cash.

	I can't complain.  Yeah, I could get more money, but my work day
ends at 3pm!
	Mikal the Ram

  Herra-Domr Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
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