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Sun Aug 17 21:39:13 PDT 1997

In a message dated 97-06-26 19:36:47 EDT, you write:

> Here's a flyer for "St." Thompson's College, as in our paid ad in the 
>  BlackStar.  Our goal is to present a collegium instructed mainly by 
>  members of the peerages.  A few other talented folk, with at least an 
>  Iris in their area of expertise have been asked to join us.
In going through old messages, I stumbled across the College announcement.

Now, I have to wonder: is there any possibility that there were
printed "proceeedings" published for same?

(With apologies, I was not able to attend -- but only because of
prior commitments that weekend!)

Amra / Kihe / Mike

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