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Mon Aug 18 12:02:21 PDT 1997

A Blending of the Past and Present       

Because I am now getting materials for my files from a variety of sources in 
addition to the Rialto (, including articles sent to me by email
and several mail lists, I have decided to rename my files, StefanÕs

Florilegium - (literally, "a gathering of flowers").  In medieval times, 
Florilegia were collections of choice tidbits (from Ovid, Aristotle, various 
popes, church scholars, etc) arranged topically. Typically, a florilegium is 
huge, encyclopedic, and contains only choice selections from particular

Anyone interested in these files is encouraged to request a copy of my
filelist.  I can print these files or put them on a disk for you.

Those of you who have World-Wide-Web (WWW) access can get these files at:, although it may be a week
or two before the newest files are on-line.

    Stefan li Rous   (512)892-0036   markh at

Here are the new files for this month:

applique-msg          Ideas and suggestions for applying applique.
Docu-Cookery-art      ÒDocumenting CookeryÓ by Dame Alys Katharine
emb-linen-msg         Embroidery linen sources.
fd-Norse-msg          Norse and Viking food. 
linen-msg             Period and modern linen cloth. Sources. Care.
Lye-Soap-art          The history of and how to make soap
                         by Baroness Leonora Kathryn de Provence.
netting-msg           Netting for hairnets, snoods, fishnets, hammocks.
N-calenders-art       Runic Clog and Stave Calenders by Gunnora Hallakarva.
roast-meats-msg       Hints and period recipes for beef roasts.
saffron-art           How to buy and select saffron by Tony Hill.
sergers-msg           Use of sergers in the SCA. Advantages.
Wills-Revenge-art     Feast menu and recipes from an SCA event.

While I have highlighted this file before, I wish to mention it again because
think it is a good guideline for whether our incoming baron/essÕ past and
actions meet our expectations.

Baronial-Lead-art     ÒPrinciples of Leadership and a Baron/essÓ 
                          by Conor mac Cinneide.

These files have had substantial additions this past month:

beer-msg              Making beer, period beer and ale. Hops.
cordials-msg          Period cordials and liqueurs. SCA creations.
courts-msg            How to manage courts, royal presence.
pasta-msg             Period pasta. Period referances. Recipes.
quilting-msg          Quilting in period.
rec-desserts-msg      Medieval and SCA dessert recipes. Sweets.
sealing-wax-msg       Sealing wax sources, how to make and use.
vegetarian-msg        Medieval vegetarianism. Lenten foods.



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