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>A simple un-adorned box is not, in my opinion, art.  It's construction
>may be very worthy of praise.  There's a certain skill involved.  I
>don't believe this is art though.
>Art evokes beauty.  An artist brings out the beauty.

  I must disagree with you on this point.  In any beggining Art appreciation
course, the first thing that is taught is that "ART" is anything that causes
an emotional reaction or response upon the veiwer.  Under that criteria,
graffitti on a wall is as much Art as an Ansel Adams photograph. 
      If you veiw a simple un-adorned box and think, "That is crap- I hate
it", that simple reaction constitutes it as art.  I do understand what you
are saying as far as construction techiques but that box maybe "loved" by
another individual, because of the texture or roughness or crude
construction. This other person's interpretation would thus place the box in
a position as "Art" also.   True, most art does evoke beauty, but a full size
catapult, hurling styrofoam rocks at a pretend castle, is not a pretty thing
but does invoke a favorable response from me and I would deem the builder as
a true artisian and the catapult as a work of art, thus not all art is
beauty.  So too, may a simple un-adorned box be construed as Art.

 A maker of simple un-adorned boxes
 My two pence worth

 Baron Bors of Lothian
  Par Deu, bel sire, cist est de ae vostre lin,
  Et si mangue un grant braun porcin
  Et a dous traitz beit un cester de vin.
  Ben dure guete deit il rendre a sun veisin.

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