ANST - Pennsic

Don Wilkinson almar_b at
Tue Aug 19 14:15:45 PDT 1997

>Sir Burke wrote:
>> the East won and we were allied with the East.
>Why do we keep doing this?  Wouldn't it be more fun to try to balance
>things out and make it a challenge?  Since battles are until the last
>one on the defeated side drops (except the woods battle, a resurrection
>battle), being on the defeated side ensures that everyone gets to 
>AND there's that chance for the final heroic stand to sing about later.
>"THe East won again" ... isn't it boring?
>(Disclaimer: I moved from the Middle in 1992.  However, I've set down
>roots here, and if the Middle were winning consistently, as in the 
>days of Pennsic, I'd advocate allying with the East for exactly the
>same reasons.)
>Daniel de Lincoln

And I I remember correctly we kicked the easts Butt in every battle but 

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