ANST - Medieval personality

Lee Martindale lmartin at
Tue Aug 19 17:59:39 PDT 1997

My greetings and duty to you all.

As I am newly come among you in this company, although not
within the Society, permit me to make myself known to you.
I am Llereth Wyddffa an Myrddin, resident of the Barony of
the Steppes.

Richard L. Rohde wrote:
> > address is
> >

My thanks to you, sir.  I wiled away a few pleasant minutes taking
this charming test, and have been told that my category is

Happy chance, since I do seem to be such.  Within the Society,
I strive to follow a bardic path.  And without, I am a writer of
fanciful fictions and speaker for human rights.


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