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Wed Aug 20 07:32:25 PDT 1997

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<<  a mouse has a clicky thingy and is connected to my keyboard.  After

 all, aside from being an English major,  I'm also involved in Music and
 Theater.  Liberal Arts all the way (would you like fries with that)!!!!!!!!
 Ghia >>

?!?!?!?!?!?!  My mouse is connected to the CPU, as is my keyboard.  I am an
English Major, and got my degree even before desktop computers (yes, a whole
16 years ago!) and I know the difference between a mouse and a microphone.  
     (Of course, Thorgierr spent 12 years in the military, and I got lots of
experience with officers that knew less about military history than Thorgierr
does, and couldn't even spell well.  I guess it takes all kinds.)

I'd recommend that you decide to do something you really love that leaves
time for our silly little game of the SCA.


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