ANST - Ditty and Cariadoc's reply

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Wed Aug 20 15:15:32 PDT 1997

I saw this on the Rialto and thought some of you might like it. I think it
shows that the "short, Moorish Duke" does indeed have a sense of humor and
that he is not the "authenticity police". I'm not sure where the ditty came
from originally.

Stefan li Rous
(shows his intelligence too, in his choice of computers. :-) )

The short Moorish Duke has been wearing a frown;
He's run in to trouble on Enchanted Ground.
It seems that his I-B-M-P-C is down,
And now he can't play Space Invaders.
Fare ye well, ye banks of Coopers' Lake...

1. I use a Mac.

2. It remained in the wagon throughout Pennsic. My Psion series 5 (lovely
new toy) was in the bottom of my chest, but got used only as a source of
phone numbers.

3. No space invaders for it--yet.



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