ANST - Pennsic XXVI

Burke McCrory bmccrory at
Wed Aug 20 14:48:41 PDT 1997

Just a few thoughts from the front lines at Pennsic this year.

To HE Pipen the award of the sable pincusion for jumping in front of Don
Miguel Sebastian la Pantera de Oporto's spear while tring to hit a midrealm

To Centurion Wilhelm von Buch the award of the stolen shield for the 7
shields he took away from midrealm fighters during the bridge battle with
the hook on his spear.  He was heard to say as he got each shield that they
were to small and he threw them off the bridge until finally he got a 2.5
by 4 foot shield.  He did return this shield to the midrealm king after he
painted an Ansteorran Star on the front.  

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald

mka Burke McCrory
email:  burkemc at

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