ANST - Pennsic XXVI

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Wed Aug 20 15:46:42 PDT 1997

On Wednesday, August 20, 1997 4:49 PM, Burke McCrory 
[SMTP:bmccrory at] wrote:
> Just a few thoughts from the front lines at Pennsic this year.
> To HE Pipen the award of the sable pincusion for jumping in front of
> Don
> Miguel Sebastian la Pantera de Oporto's spear while tring to hit a
> midrealm
> fighter.
> To Centurion Wilhelm von Buch the award of the stolen shield for the 
> shields he took away from midrealm fighters during the bridge battle
> with the hook on his spear.  He was heard to say as he got each 
shield that
> they were to small and he threw them off the bridge until finally he 
got a
> 2.5 by 4 foot shield.  He did return this shield to the midrealm king
> after he painted an Ansteorran Star on the front.
> Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald
It looks like Centurions Pipen, Miguel and Wilhelm had a good time. 
 Makes me proud (and sorry I couldn't go this year).

Centurion Talen


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