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In a message dated 97-08-19 08:37:08 EDT, Baron Bors wrote:

> The beautifully tooled and dyed
>  peice of leather vanbrace may look nice but if the leather is to lite to
>  deflect a blow then it shouldn't rate as well as an undecorated leather
>  vanbrace that has the same quality of construction but of heavier leather.
>   The second piece works and the first ,although pretty , doesn't.
Your Excellency, if I may be allowed to observe:

The first piece has worked ("done its job") if it was designed from 
the start primarily as decoration (and only secondarily happens to also 
provide some degree of protection).

The second item may be preferable to the foot soldier in the field, the
first more appropriate to the guardsman in the throne room -- or
perhaps one of the courtiers instead (while the guardsman is given
his proper metal coverings instead...)

Another view....

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