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Thu Aug 21 06:22:14 PDT 1997

Unto Our Wonderful Kindgom Do We, Alisha, send warmest greetings....
Siege engines.We talked at Pennsic with our neighbors and this is what 
is going to happen...everything that will be allowed will be printed. 
Black and white.  There will be NO deviation from the written down 
rules.  We won't get there next year and find out that we can't use 
this engine, etc as long as we adhere to the _written- rules.

I was very clear that one of the biggest problems I saw at Gulf War 
last year was that there were to many 'I did not know wasn't 
in the rules,etc...' and marshall coming in and saying nope, wasn't in  
the rules...
I do not want to see that happen next year...too many of our wonderful 
people got mad and hurt for all the hard work they did...and I never 
want to see Avariel  that mad ever again  :)

hopefully every thing will be finalized by December 1st.  Our liason 
for the Gulf War will be HL Badon.

This much I can also like fighting? Come to Gulf War!!
All of the Kindgoms involved are trying to make it the best one yet!

If you had problems, let Us know or Badon.  We will try to get an 
answer for you.  If we know about the problems far enough in advance we 
can solve them.  Communication.

This also includes A&S stuff as well...We would like to see Ansteorra 
take the A&S for the third year (?) in a row...make a master piece that 
you would like to have entered.  Show your best piece.
 In Service to the Dream           Alisha, Regina

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