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Joel Schumacher jschumac at
Thu Aug 21 08:18:21 PDT 1997

> Aquilanne writes:
> It will require having a base set of criteria that apply to all entries,
> and variations on those criteria for separate categories.
> For example, I don't think brewing will need criteria taking
> "functionality or ceremonial/display" appropriateness into consideration.

I'm not a brewer, but I have sampled the results from time to time
(to time, ... ).

I'd say there's "functional beers" like EKU 28 or Samir Clause (forgive
the poor spelling).  (Function being to feel the affects quickly).

Other functional beers are, say Bud, Bud Lite, Old Milwaukee.  Function
being it's wet and you're thirsty.  Technically, they're still beers, but
there's nothing fancy or even tasty about them.

Then there's beers that could be called "ceremonial" in that they are
brewed for a unique or different flavor.  For example, a berry weiss or
other flavored beers.  Or all the quality flavors in between a Bud and
a dopplebock.

-Karl von Augsburg
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