Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Aug 21 09:36:01 PDT 1997

Greetings Your Majesty:

You said:
>hopefully every thing will be finalized by December 1st.  Our liason 
>for the Gulf War will be HL Badon.

Any chance we can get that moved up to November 1st? That is still
10 weeks away, but if you have to wait until December 1st to start
building a siege engine, that only leaves about 12 weeks to build it.

>If you had problems, let Us know or Badon.  We will try to get an 
>answer for you.  If we know about the problems far enough in advance we 
>can solve them.  Communication.

Which is why I think it would be nice to have time to try out the new
rules in making the new engines and have time to change the rules/
engines when things don't work out. Although perhaps there are enough
old siege engines which can be adapted that this isn't a concern.

Stefan li Rous
markh at

(Are there any engine crews out there looking for another crewmember?)


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