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Thu Aug 21 10:00:09 PDT 1997

Gnith said:

>I'm a proponent of weighting catapult and trebuchet ammo with dried beans
>or corn up to the maximum weight limit (I don't know what that is, I don't
>have an indirect-fire weapon).

What about using the expanding foam-in-a-can? This has been used on combat
quarrels. Is it not heavy enough? It is easier to get in the tennis ball
and won't spray out around the field if the tennis ball cracks.

>>The easiest and cheapest way I know is to use a sling. 

>Sounds like fun! The Estrella rules indicate that only a face shot would
>kill with these, though -- how 'bout Gulf?

There is some info on the history of slings and their use in SCA combat in
this file in the COMBAT section of Stefan's Florilegium:

slings-msg        (27K) 11/ 8/96    Slings as weapons. combat and hunting.

As long as we're speaking of this, these files might also be interesting
or give some ideas to some:

siege-engines-msg (81K)  3/19/97    Catapults, trebuchets. Period and modern.
trebuchet-art     (18K)  4/25/95    Wall Street article on a modern trebuchet.

And in the ARCHERY section:
C-A-handbook-art (108K) 10/29/96    Sir Jon's Combat Archery Handbook.
c-archery-msg     (41K)  3/11/96    Combat archery in the SCA.
crossbows-msg     (32K)  3/27/97    Period and SCA crossbows.
fiber-blunts-art  (27K)  4/21/97    ÒExperimental Fiberglass Shafts and
                                       Cored BluntsÓ by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf.

These files can be found at:

Stefan li Rous
markh at


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