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Thu Aug 21 10:18:34 PDT 1997

Stefan wrote:

>(Are there any engine crews out there looking for another crewmember?)

Good my Lord,

Last year before Gulf I put out the call and once again I see it is needed.  

**If you or anyone you know is interested in assisting in manning a siege
engine, let me know**

Last year we certainly would have benefitted from having more cannon-cockers
and I know of at least three engines that did not go due to lack of crew or
transport.  I am trying to work these issues as far in advance as possible
to allow the crews the opportunity to practice and discover the individual
eccentricities of each engine _before_ inspection on site.  I believe that
even our most veteran engineers (Gnith and Wayne of the Heights leap to
mind) will agree that this is essential to safety and expedites all
qualification/authorization processes.

On a related issue, I would like to arrange for an in-kingdom
inspection/qualification but have little more than a rough framework of
rules to start with- 'no re-bar' stands out as a prominent inclusion :^I  We
may even be able to arrange to have a joint kingdom marshallate agreement
between ourselves and the good kingdom of Trimaris for the siege engines.
If any of you have input on this, please E me personally so as to avoid list

Thank you,

Warlord, Ansteorra

'More ranged weapons.'
'Keep your engineers off re-bar.'
'Go Burgundian.'


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