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Thu Aug 21 10:46:18 PDT 1997

I wrote:

>On a related issue, I would like to arrange for an in-kingdom
>inspection/qualification but have little more than a rough framework of
>rules to start with- 'no re-bar' stands out as a prominent inclusion :^I  We
>may even be able to arrange to have a joint kingdom marshallate agreement
>between ourselves and the good kingdom of Trimaris for the siege engines.
>If any of you have input on this, please E me personally so as to avoid list

Speaking of the marshallate, does anyone have Karl de Gangers e-mail so I
can check with him on the solid *rules* side of this.  My area of influence
is slanted more towards logistics- any real writing will need to be done
through him (and the Crown). Don Sebastians e-mail address would also be
useful in this area.

Warlord, Ansteorra 


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