Specialy A&S Events (was Re: ANST - aesthetics and function)

Todd W. Marsh tmarsh at Sierrasys.com
Thu Aug 21 11:01:43 PDT 1997

> Don Doré wrote:
> I would like to see an in camp competition. Your entire camp would 
> NOT have to be period, but you would have to have period style items 
> in use in your camp.
Thank you Savian for the straight line!

Elfsea Defender (Sept 26-28) will include a camp competition, as has
been done for the past several years.  Each camp will set up a display
reflecting their culture.  The Baron & Baroness, the Defenders, and the
Crown will go on progress among the camps Saturday evening to sample the
foods, entertainments, and arts of each camp.  A chest full of prizes
will be given on Sunday morning to the camp judged the best.  

Anyone may sponsor a camp.  Please contact the autocrats listed in the
Black Star, Lord Airaklee and Lady Simone, to sign up.

It's not really a specialy A&S Event.   There will also be more
traditional competitions, and even fighting! (4 or 5 lists)

Lord Elfsea


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