ANST - A&S issues

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Aug 21 19:47:26 PDT 1997


As I was going over my filelist, I realized that I have a few files
that might be of interest to the folks discussing A&S issues here

These are in the CELEBRATIONS & EVENTS section of Stefan's Florilegium:

AS-compet-msg     (18K) 10/11/94    A&S Competitions. Example rules and
                                      on judging them.
AS-classes-lst    (61K)  8/21/97    Lists of A&S classes held at past events.
AS-events-msg     (23K)  1/12/96    A&S events in the SCA.
AS-ideas-msg       (9K)  6/15/92    Thoughts and ideas on SCA Arts &

I may be adding some of the recent comments here to these files.

Stefan li Rous
markh at


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