Carl John Hess cjhess at
Fri Aug 22 07:55:49 PDT 1997

> >A gentle whose name I could not determine commented:

> >But flat racquet balls would be useless for siege ammo. They have less
> >ooomph than a flat tennis ball.
> >
> To which Stefan li Rous responded:

> Why would it matter how much ooomph the ball has for our useage? We don't
> depend on having the ball bounce, in fact, for safety, I'd rather not

A flat ball might actually provide more "oomph" because its energy would
tend to transfer more easily to the target rather than being retained by
the ball -- less bounce, more splat.

> the ball riccocheting around the target area. We are heaving the balls
> batting at them with clubs, so the lack of ooomph would not effect the

This is true.  However, I don't think ricochet would be that big a problem.
 It might even make for a more effective "mass damage" weapon.  It would be
like grape shot.  :)

> flight. But "flat" balls would be cheaper and flat racquet balls would
> a smaller area for the same wieght as flat tennis balls.

Do racquet balls have the same mass as tennis balls?  I think racquet balls
are lighter.

Also, this issue of stuffing tennis balls with things, corn, beans and so
on -- I don't like it.  Imagine a tennis ball stuffed with little beans
breaking open as it contacts your face plate.  It would get in your eyes
and go down your shirt -- yuck!  :(

What's wrong with just being more attuned to getting hit with a tennis
ball?  Is the heat of simulated battle such that we ignore everything that
doesn't cause pain?  If you feel something light hit your helmet or body
armor or whatever and you look around and there's a tennis ball rolling
around, you probably got hit.  And having fought as a light, I know that
when I nailed a heavy and he or she looked around for what hit them, I let
them know that it was me.  This would usually be answered with a salute and
then he or she would fall over.

Just some thoughts.  Please be nice when answering.  :)

C. Scipio Cinncinatvs


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