Carl John Hess cjhess at
Fri Aug 22 15:00:14 PDT 1997

> Larkin wrote:

> Heavy fighters ignore anything that doesn't arrive with enough force
> to have been a killing blow with a sword. We train that way
> constantly. Now if there were as much training against arrows it might
> be different, but somehow I think that calling arrow shots accurately
> would lead to  calling light sword blows good.  

I agree with you.  I tend to ignore those blows that don't make me go,
"Ow," just a little bit, but I armor light for greater sensitivity. (Sounds
like a Trojan commercial, huh?  :) )  Maybe we could try to get some space
where lights could participate more in fight practices?  I think this would
help the training issue.

I think you are right that we don't tend to train with arrows and javelins
and such.  I don't think that training with them would cause me to call a
light sword blow good, though.  It would make me more attuned to light

Also, I think most people can gauge up or down as the situation demands. 
You're not going to gauge at a crown tournament level to go 2-3 rounds with
a newbie, right?  If that newbie scores a clean, unimpeded blow on you, you
call it.  Does it matter if the blow didn't raise a welt or cause you hear
little birdies? I think not.  The same could be said for an arrow or tennis
ball.  I don't mean that you should not call a blow unless you hear little
birdies, but maybe we have de-sensitized to much.

On the archery issue, has anyone ever seen or experienced the mythical
"golf-tube" arrows I used to hear about?  Apparently, these arrows could be
fired from a bow of up to 50 lbs.  That would pretty much remove the doubt
factor as to whether you had been hit, I think.
> Solution?  fight light. Light fighters are used to calling light. :)

I did.  It was a whole lot more fun than I ever thought it would be.  For a
long time I thought lights just got in the way of the "real fighters." 
Now, however, I really enjoy having them around.  Especially the, "LIGHT!
YOU'RE DEAD!" part. Ha ha ha ha!

Stay Friendly!

C. Scipio Yadda Yadda Yadda
Hoc nomen meum verum non est.  Re vera linguam Latinam vix cognovi.
"This isn't my real name.  I really don't know all that much Latin."

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