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Scott White swhite at
Fri Aug 22 16:06:30 PDT 1997

>Also, I'm not sure the Gulf Wars site is big enough to optimally use a

In my opinion, the Gulf castle is THE prime site for recreated siege combat. 

During the sieges, I stationed my machine 50+ yards from the wall and threw
over it to the back of the opposing army. I was able to use my machine to
the fullest -- it was challenging and fun -- and safe.

Most of the other siege weapons I saw had similar results. There was one
very efficient treb with a long sling that had to be backed up because it
kept overthrowing the battle.

Understand that even if you're only throwing a tennis ball pyramid, a
trebuchet will require AT LEAST 100 pounds of counterweight. 5-10 TONS of
counterweight was used in the actual trebs of yesteryear. If we start
scaling our machines up, we're gonna be dealing with tremendous forces --
strain on the machine, risk to the operators and nearby
fighters/spectators, etc.

I'd say that the Gulf site and Gulf-sized machines are about as good as it
safely gets for siege combat!

One gripe -- I think the tents, spectators, etc. should be kept FURTHER
BACK from the front of the fort. There's sort of a grey area where the
battle ends and the spectators begin ...

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