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C. Scipio Yadda Yadda Yadda said:

Also, I think most people can gauge up or down as the situation demands. 
You're not going to gauge at a crown tournament level to go 2-3 rounds with
a newbie, right?  If that newbie scores a clean, unimpeded blow on you, you
call it.  Does it matter if the blow didn't raise a welt or cause you hear
little birdies? I think not.  The same could be said for an arrow or tennis
ball.  I don't mean that you should not call a blow unless you hear little
birdies, but maybe we have de-sensitized to much.

Uh, no! My intention is to call all blows the same, whether they come
from experienced fighters or beginners, in both armored and rapier combat.
If the blow is good, it is good. I don't raise the minimum blow level I
will accept just because I am in a tournament. I would hope that if I
ever enter a crown tournament that even there I would not change the
way I call my blows.

On the archery issue, has anyone ever seen or experienced the mythical
"golf-tube" arrows I used to hear about?  Apparently, these arrows could be
fired from a bow of up to 50 lbs.  That would pretty much remove the doubt
factor as to whether you had been hit, I think.

Golf-tube arrows are used by only a few kingdoms. They have a much more
limited range, they can be much more easily blocked and they look ugly.
I don't believe there is a draw-wieght limit for golf-tube arrows. The
limit for the Markland-type seems to be 30 lbs in the kingdoms that
use Markland-type arrows. It is actually a draw-distance at a poundage
but I don't know the figure off the top of my head. I believe An Tir is
the only kingdom that uses rabbit-blunt arrows. All arrows may hit with
a minimum of force if they are at their extreme end of their range.
> Solution?  fight light. Light fighters are used to calling light. :)

I did.  It was a whole lot more fun than I ever thought it would be.  For a
long time I thought lights just got in the way of the "real fighters." 
Now, however, I really enjoy having them around.  Especially the, "LIGHT!
YOU'RE DEAD!" part. Ha ha ha ha!

You are speaking of lightly armed armored combatants. In Ansteorra, all
armored fighters on the field must meet the same minimum requirements
with a few minor differances such as guantlets. Here he term "light"
is sometimes applied to rapier combat which uses modern fencing equipment.
As far as I know, rapier combat and armored combat are not allowed on
the same field.

Sometimes a ten-foot rule and the "You're dead" shout is used with
armored archers, sometimes not. But these armored archers are generally
allowed to wield standard rattan weapons, also.

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