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Dieterich cjw at
Fri Aug 22 23:42:55 PDT 1997

Gnith has said...

>>They whip through the air at about 5 mph and gently drift to earth yards
>>from their intended target. Even from a heavy bow, you can almost catch
>>them out of the air. Markland/Baldar/Thistle arrows hit MUCH harder.

And Donato replied...

>I very much doubt that 5 mph is an accurate statement, and "gently" is not
>precisely accurate either.  If either were the case, Darwin's theory of SCA
>weapons development would have killed them off long ago.
>Donato el Lobo

I rarely engage in debate on this list but as ranged weapons are one of my
hot issues, I believe I'll take this opportunity to bolster Gniths position.

First, I would be happy to borrow a military policemans speedgun and clock
all arrows discussed; I am *very* certain that the golf tube arrows will not
exceed 10 mph at 50% of their range when fired from a 30 lb bow.  Were I a
gambling man I would stake a comfortable sum on it.  They are the most
pathetic example of simulated combat archery that we have availiable to us.
Thistles, marklands, and most especially the Baldar-blunt, FAR exceed the
golf tube in accuracy, range, speed, ease of transport, and power.  

In response to Donatos proposition concerning Darwin, the reason is clear:
safety.  I doubt that a golf tube arrow, fired from an M1 Abrams, with a
depleted uranium tennis ball tip could cause bodily injury to a toddler with
hypochondria.  You simply *can't* be hurt by it.  There are a few kingdoms
in the KW that are far more safety oriented than us (evidence: armor worn
here vs. elsewhere) and the golf tube is simply a reflection of that.  This,
imho, is the only merit that has kept these ugly antiques on our fields at
all.  Keep in mind, that with the thistles and marklands it is somewhat
difficult to set, maintain, and monitor a standard construction practice.
This is why I believe the direction of combat archery lies in the Baldar
blunt... but that is a separate issue.

In writing this I was jesting about the speedgun... but now I'm curious and
believe I'll actually perform this test.  Anyone want to start a pool on
just how much faster a Baldar goes than a golf tube?  Im going with four
times as fast... but I may be undershooting.  Gnith could be right about
that 5 mph estimate and that would certainly up the exponent.

Incipi-sir Dieterich
Warlord, Ansteorra

BTW, Gnith... you said you can 'almost' catch golf tube arrows out of the
air- gotta say you're wrong there... done it.  Gads, they're slow.    ;)


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