ANST - Goof Toobs

James Crouchet jtc at
Fri Aug 22 07:10:28 PDT 1997

> In response to Donatos proposition concerning Darwin, the reason
> is clear: safety.


> This, imho, is the only merit that has kept these ugly antiques on
> our fields at all. 

I believe there is one other factor, perhaps a more important one. 
They are ineffective. I have used a variety of arrows and without a 
doubt the golf tube arrows result in fewer kills for me for a number 
of reasons.

There are many folks who object to driving 15 hours to a war only to 
be killed in the first 10 seconds of each battle by arrows. With 
really good arrows -- better than the Baldar Blunts -- the archers 
would quickly become THE offensive force on the battlefield.

Last war I had a bad day. I was ineffective, got killed early, missed 
a lot and eventually spilled my whole damn quiver. As a result I only 
got 11 kills.

I like the Baldar Blunts, but I suspect we archers are powerful 
enough that we don't need to improve the technology any further.

Don Doré

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