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>First, I would be happy to borrow a military policemans speedgun and clock
>all arrows discussed; I am *very* certain that the golf tube arrows will not
>exceed 10 mph at 50% of their range when fired from a 30 lb bow.  Were I a
>gambling man I would stake a comfortable sum on it.  They are the most
>pathetic example of simulated combat archery that we have availiable to us.
>Thistles, marklands, and most especially the Baldar-blunt, FAR exceed the
>golf tube in accuracy, range, speed, ease of transport, and power.  

You may be right about this.  When golf tube arrows are used in most
kingdoms a 50 lb bow or a 75 lb crossbow may be used.  With a 30 lb bow, I'm
not sure what effectiveness it might have.

Donato el Lobo

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