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Sat Aug 23 12:38:20 PDT 1997

>Also, this issue of stuffing tennis balls with things, corn, beans and so
>on -- I don't like it.  Imagine a tennis ball stuffed with little beans
>breaking open as it contacts your face plate.  It would get in your eyes
>and go down your shirt -- yuck!  :(

>What's wrong with just being more attuned to getting hit with a tennis
>ball?  Is the heat of simulated battle such that we ignore everything that
>doesn't cause pain?  If you feel something light hit your helmet or body
>armor or whatever and you look around and there's a tennis ball rolling
>around, you probably got hit.  And having fought as a light, I know that
>when I nailed a heavy and he or she looked around for what hit them, I let
>them know that it was me.  This would usually be answered with a salute and
>then he or she would fall over.

While a lovely thought, I an convinced that this is not the best soloution,
I know for a fact that early in my sca melee career, I, I often called
things like "my neighbor elbow", "the shaft of a spear which was blocked
into the side of my head", or "the soft part of somebodys arm"(mace) as a
blow from a weapon... ther is also the 'humor' of calling a arrow shot in a
melee (which is without archery) to later have my friend appologize for gut
stroking me with the butt of his polearm. I had to learn to categorize
certain stimulus as blows and others not, for instance, no matter how hard
the spearman behind you slams his arpit down on you hat, it's still not
good. Missile weapons which are too light, simply are very difficult to
distinguish from the armpit scenerio, which is why most fighters "look
around" for an arrow or a rock or a crew of dancing and pointing seige
engineers. and is why as a "target" I'm more than willing to accept a
heavier missile being shot at me.... upto something which will hit as hard a
a legal pole arm (from a seige weapon) would be perfectly acceptable to me.

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