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Salut, Cosyns,

Lyonel aisai.

Lord Stephan responds to my
>> What's worse, if this cheat wins a second Crown,
>> he becomes a Duke (or she becomes a Duchess).  Then we
>> can never get rid of his (or her) influence.


>I'm not sure what you mean by this. Is there some way we can
>ignore a cheating Count whereas we can't ignore a cheating
>Duke? Does a Duke get some kind of special privileges that a
>Count doesn't?

Yes.  Essentially, Ducal prerogative (which was initially supposed to have
been the right of Dukes to refuse to participate in Crown Tourney) has taken
on a nebulous life of its own in the SCA.  First, since a Duke has been
Sovereign at least twice, he is a potential wealth of experience for any new
Sovereign.  A Count, however, having only ruled once, might have simply had
a good or bad year. Thus, a Count's advice typically carries a bit less
weight than that of a Duke.  Typically, I say, because I know of many
exceptions.  Second, Duke is essentially the highest permanent rank a member
of the SCA can achievably attain.  

Lord Stephan further notes:
>I thought the only differance between a Count and a Duke was
>that a Count learned from his mistakes.

That's cold, Cosyn, though I know a Duke or two who would agree with you.  I
think, usually, the only real difference is that the Count has not *yet* won
a second Crown.  In practice, however, Dukes are treated with more respect
and even awe than Counts both on and off the field.

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