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>The good Centurion is correct in here citing this example of one 
>of SCA marshalling.  Such rules are, however, the constructs of the 
>Such constructs are subject to change.  I think it interesting to 
>note, in
>this case, the strong wording of this particular rule:  "keep your 
>shut about it."  Rather harsh, don't you think?  My guess--and it's 
>just a
>guess--would be that this wording was provided by a fighter who was
>particularly touchy about the concept of participatory marshalling. 

***moderately qualified opion***

While I see your valid point, I have known some gentles who will, with
great glee, use their authority as a marshal to discuss fights and
permanently label someone as a rhino-hider or worse.

Blow calling seems to be a hot topic.  What I have tended to hear locally
is that no one calls blows.  While I am sure this is not wholly accurate,
I rather suspect there is some truth to this.  What scares me is it seems
that if a blow is not accepted, the next response is "Ok, fine, accept
THIS! (resounding thwack)!"

This actively discourages me from ever fighting heavy again, and it makes
me wonder if we need to increase the chiurgeonate by about 4 fold,
preferably with EMTs and MDs.

How is this solved?

Grimfells, Calontir

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