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Unto the Populace of Ansteorra and the Outlands, 
>From the Autocrats of Gothic Wars VI,
Some Notes on Gothic Wars:

     This is a beautiful, but still  primitive site.  Please bring 
water even though there will be water available.
     We have cleared some camping areas;  but there are many of the 
camping areas still uncleared.  You can make yourself a beautiful 
campsite if you can bring brush-clearing tools;  i.e. pruning 
nippers, bow saw, rakes, etc.  We will have some tools available
 for loan.
       If you plan on having a fire, please bring a shovel 
and plan to make a proper fire ring (there are plenty of stones 
available for fire rings, and plenty of wood, as well.)  Please bring 
a bucket for sand or a fire extinguisher.
      Not surprisingly (remember, this is a Primitive site...?) there 
is no outside lighting; please bring your own flashlights.
     This is a Wet site,  but a Dry county.  Bring it with you if you 
want it (the closest beer available is 20 miles away.)
     If you choose not to enjoy the natural beauty of the site for 
the entire weekend:
      Nearby Motels (10 minutes from site)
          Save Inn  (915) 928-4723
          Merkel Motel (915) 928-4501 

If you have any questions, please call the Autocrats:
   HL Rolanda Rossner 
   mka Trixie DeLisle (915) 677-5211
   ferret at

   Ly Aness Pottere Gwen-Rust
   mka Pam Lyles (915) 672-6697

And above all, Have Fun! 
Your Autocrats


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