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Mon Aug 25 01:30:52 PDT 1997

Heilsa all... And to you dear Cousin a warm and happy greeting!

Kief here...writing from HL Lorraine's account.

>Salut, Cozyns, 
>Lyonel aisai.
>In response to just-about-almost-nearly-jusqu'a-Sir Dieterich's wager:
>>>Any takers on when either of these illustrious gentlemen will step onto a
>>>crown listfield next?  I'm betting neither of them can keep out of it for
>>>more than a year- nickel bet.
>Sir Kief replies:
>>Gottcha on a technicality...I'll take your bet. They both have to reside in
>>each Kingdom for more than a year before they are eligible to fight in a Crown
>>List... That means that they will each miss the next two Crown Lists and the
>>third is over one year a way... Where's my nickle...?!
>DOH!  He gotcha, Sir K.  Duke Brion moved to the East Kingdom a year ago.  I
>think Trelon moved about the same time.
>lo vostre por vos servir
>Sir Lyonel Oliver Grace

Dearest Cousin and Brother. DOH! indeed... I think not!! Please re-read HL
Dieterich's missive. He is betting that neither of the Dukes can stay out of
the Crown Lists for more than a year. He did not say starting now... I stand by
my statement. It will be over one year before either of these fine Gentle Men
are to fight in a Crown List. Again, Brother and neighbor, I win on a
technicality. But in the spirit of Honor and Chivalry among equals...I shall
forego claiming any prize... What need have I for nickles, the Crown has given
me land......

Waes Thu Hael...

Sir Kief

"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


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