ANST - seige weaponry

Scott White swhite at
Mon Aug 25 09:24:55 PDT 1997

>Could someone please tell me or tell me where to find the requirements to
>be part of a seige engine crew?  I am slowly becoming dangerously

First, become friends with someone who has a siege weapon :)

Or build your own ... or build one with a group of friends.

Estrella does not require an armored combat authorization to be a siege
crew member. The crew leader must be authorized, though.

These requirements may change from kingdom to kingdom, so it's probably
best to become authorized for heavy combat just in case.

I've never been required to be authorized for combat archery when
submitting my siege engine and crew for inspection by the marshalls.
However, being combat archery authorized probably wouldn't hurt either.

Good luck!

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