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Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Mon Aug 25 09:28:12 PDT 1997

> No, Never heard of House Porto. Unless you mean those portable johns
> that appear at all the events.  That would explain the unofficial
> motto anyway. :)

Veerrrrryyyyy funny.  Although we here in Ansteorra kinda refer to ourselves as
"Porto-lite" which does bring up the connotations.

House Porto started out as a group of broke Spaniards, er, Portugese I mean who
quickly became known for excellance in their rapier skills.  It has since expanded
to two Kingdoms and even branch out to woodworking, bardic, Calligraphy &
Illumination and even (gasp!) Chivalric combat excellence.

It created a bad reputation in some circles but we're working on that.  Hence the
"Porto-lite" reference.

The unofficial motto should be said in a high, very bad English accent.
> >Cheerfuly Yours  :-{)}
> >
> Hey there! you almost got the mustach and beard right in that smiley!
> Neat!!!  :-{)}=>

I got it exactly right. I'm a very well-groomed barbarian.
Got that?
> Tiarna Larkin


(Proud member of House Porto since they got me drunk and talked me into it.)

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