ANST - SCA Trivia question

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Aug 25 09:32:35 PDT 1997

Centurion Dieterich stated:

*Sir, this is not even close to the funniest portion of this issue.  The
*other half of the "Super-Duke" era, HG Trelon of the Wood, has moved to
*Trimaris.  I'll just let that soak in for a bit... 

*Any takers on when either of these illustrious gentlemen will step onto a
*crown listfield next?  I'm betting neither of them can keep out of it for
*more than a year- nickel bet.

This brings up an interesting SCA Trivia question:

Who is the Duke who has worn the crown of the most different kingdoms?

Stefan li Rous
  (And I have no idea. I'm just asking the question.)


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