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Scot Eddy seddy at
Mon Aug 25 05:13:05 PDT 1997

Donato el Lobo said...

Golf tubes are accurate.  A crossbow man pegged me in the gut from 
about 50
yards at Harvest Faire, and anyone who has been to Estrella or Lillies 
attest to their deadly effect.

Jovian here. I've been to Estrella once and Lillies twice and from my 
experience and from visiting with the good citizens of those kingdoms 
there's a reason there are so few archers at these wars. They're stuck 
using the golf tube arrows. I won't beat this already much abused dead 
horse, but let me say golf tube arrows don't work. Period. 

The battles at either war have only a few archers (less than 5 per 
side) often much less. Unless you're hit point blank 15 feet or less 
you barely feel them. Seriously; I'm not exagerating in the least. 
It's quite disheartening for an archer to watch his or her "deadly, 
bodkin-tipped clothyard shaft" plucked from the air.

I'm sure there are other veteran war junkies who have been to many 
more of these two war who can back me up on this.

Grace and Peace,


Golf tube arrows; kick the habit!

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