ANST - Bouncy arrows

Scott White swhite at
Mon Aug 25 11:01:40 PDT 1997

>>>>>>Now if we could just figure out a way to elemionate the bounce-back
>problem. A nock in the eye makes it hard to see well.<<<<<
>What bounce back problem? I've NEVER heard of this actually happening,
only supposition that >it COULD happen. Has anyone heard of an actual

Not me.

But those arrows DO bounce. Stand 10 yards from a wall and fire into it.
The arrow will most likely bounce clear back to your feet.

Since we're now using molded synthetics (baldars, thistles), maybe we could
design arrowheads that can both deliver a solid hit and cut down on
bounceback by absorbing the forward momentum. Or do these goals negate one

Will a non-bouncy arrow hit too soft? Whaddya say, physics types?

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