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Scott White swhite at
Mon Aug 25 11:07:20 PDT 1997

>>anyone who has been to Estrella or Lillies can
>>attest to their deadly effect.

>Jovian here. I've been to Estrella once and Lillies twice and from my 
>The battles at either war have only a few archers (less than 5 per 
>side) often much less. Unless you're hit point blank 15 feet or less 
>you barely feel them.

Had the same expeience at this year's Estrella. The armies only had a
smattering of archers on either side. They may as well have been throwing
unfolded gym socks at you, it was about that fearsome.

On the other hand, Gulf War saw numerous archers firing thousands of
wood-shafted arrows in most every battle. I was wounded twice and killed
twice by arrows -- and I've NEVER been shot in a melee before. These arrows

>Golf tube arrows; kick the habit!


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