ANST - Honor and silence

Todd W. Marsh tmarsh at
Mon Aug 25 11:33:51 PDT 1997

> > Fourth--and this is a side issue--in a melee with golf-tube arrows,
> > ballista bolts, or catapult rocks, you really need the marshalls
> > there to tell you when you've been hit.  A catapult rock or ballista
> > bolt striking your shield won't register kinetically as a killing
> > blow, and a direct hit with a golf-tube arrow always lacks
> > authority.  You need an outside observer on hand to call the deaths
> > in such cases.
> Yes, melees are different, especially with missile weapons. I would 
> think that telling someone they got hit with a missile weapon would 
> only be reasonable there. Of course, what to do about it would still 
> be up to the fighter.
I think this is reasonable behavior for marshalls.  It might help to
phrase the comment as a question, such as:

"Is that an arrow sticking out of your chest?"
"Doesn't it hurt when that big rock lands on your head?"

Of course, in melees it's sometimes hard to be heard at all, so you have
to be more direct.



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