ANST - SCA Trivia question

Chuck Graves Chuck_Graves at
Mon Aug 25 14:47:39 PDT 1997

>>This brings up an interesting SCA Trivia question: 
>>Who is the Duke who has worn the crown of the most different kingdoms? 
>>Stefan li Rous
>>  (And I have no idea. I'm just asking the question.)
>So far as I am aware, HG Timothy of Aarondale has won in the *most* 
>kingdoms with three being his total.  Im quite sure there are others who 
>have sat three different thrones as well, but to my knowledge, no one has 
>yet conquered in four.
>(who spends too much time watching old tape of Ducal tourneys)

Greetings, all.

Dieterich, did I miss one?  HG Timothy of Arindale was knighted in Atlantia (aka
Timothy Swordbender when Duke Michael's sword was transformed at Timothy's 
dubbing) but I only know of him being crowned in Caid and the East.



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