ANST - UHMW 1/4"Fibergla

Mark Harris mark_harris at
Mon Aug 25 16:10:02 PDT 1997

Plachoya Sobaka said:

Their is a source for UHMW and 1/4" fiberglass $2.55 a foot for the uhmw 10'
minimmum and $.28 a foot for the fiberglass 10' minimmum in 10' inchermints
each. Yea 10' is a lot of uhmw but if 4 or 5 people went to gether it would
not be that much. I will look into what it would cost to have it cut to 1"
and drilled 1/4" by 1/2" deep and see if I can offer shaft and uhmw end for
a resonable price, any one interested. 

Somehow I missed something. The fiberglass rod at 28 cents per foot I can
understand and that is reasonable. I could easily use up several ten foot
lengths of that making quarrels for a war. But what is this UHMW stuff and
what is it for?

I am interested. It would be nice to have some quarrels less susceptable
to damage. I have been holding off making more quarrels until I heard
whether these new shafts were going to be legal.

Stefan li Rous
markh at


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