ANST - Nasty Ballista in A&S

Scott White swhite at
Mon Aug 25 16:42:16 PDT 1997

Ooops, I was reading back mail & Sir Lyonel had asked:

>Hey, Gnith, you entering Jezebel in A&S?

I displayed Jezebel the Elephant-Killing Ballista in one A&S event, but I
didn't feel right about formally entering her until I took care of some of
her anachronisms -- namely plastic wheels and bungee-cord skeins.

I think I'll wait on A&S until the completion of my latest project:


A 3/4-size Roman ballista (50% larger than Jezze) built using period
joinery and real rope skeins. She will be able to throw both the PVC,
thrusting tip-capped combat spears required at this year's Estrella (that's
why she's being built in the first place); and, with a couple more cranks
on the ol' power-up device, REAL spears (woo ha ha!).

Coming soon to a battlefield near you ... and I WILL enter this one in A&S.


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