ANST - SCA Trivia question

Dieterich cjw at
Mon Aug 25 20:22:45 PDT 1997

>Greetings, all.
>Dieterich, did I miss one?  HG Timothy of Arindale was knighted in Atlantia
>Timothy Swordbender when Duke Michael's sword was transformed at Timothy's 
>dubbing) but I only know of him being crowned in Caid and the East.

The information I have on HG Timothy is based on a conversation I had with
the young duke at Estrella War two years ago.  As I recall- but my memory
has been known to fail- he used the words 'West', 'crown', and 'I'.... he
may have meant 'out west', as in Caid being on the west coast, but that
wasn't the impression I got.  The right person to ask is probably my knight,
his former squire brother.  I suspect he'll know, but if there are any
Westies listening out there in cyberland they'll most likely tell us sooner
than I can ask.

If, as you suppose, he has only won in two kingdoms, the question Stefan
asks still stands: has anyone won in more than two?



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